Everyone has a path to walk in life, and being less afraid of the unknown, is what can guarantee your safe arrival to your great destination. — OJSPRIDE


Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed by situations of life, which leaves us vulnerable.

In such moments, you find yourself very unstable and indecisive, of the unknown future, that you seem quite sure of, sometime ago, — But remember, you have to be LESS afraid of the unknown.

To be less afraid means; You are allowed to create your own crazy path in life. The path that makes SENSE to you, and your Maker (God). A path that the world will come to realize is the RIGHT one for you. A path that, the world will have no choice but, later ACCEPT, — why? Because its has been written, to be so, by your Creator.

You might be wondering right now; why your ways in the course of life, are always different from your peers. Why the challenges you face in life, seems so different from others. — Well, that is because; We all are unique, and so is our purpose. But, no matter the ROUTE life takes you, You surely will arrive at Gods PLAN for you.

Keep doing you, and always learn to make the best out of the situations of life.

Never underestimate yourself confidence (strength), and never overestimate your fear, for the unkonwn (weakness).


Wednesday blessings to you!
Copyright © OJSPRIDE


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      1. Fuzia is a website to promote female talent globally. You can suggest some topics of your choice and then we will pick any one and confirm you. we will share your blog link on all our SM Channels, so you can get many followers. Fuzia has a follower base of almost 3.5 million women.

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  2. Very true. We are must Times afraid of what we do not know and I’m no different. Hopefully when I come such situations, I’ll remember this post and take a brave step towards it cause truth be told, unless I try, I won’t know what to expect. Grt post

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  3. Never underestimate yourself…yes! I do this all the time! And as soon as I break that cycle, I see all the things I’m capable of doing – blog, online store and my YouTube channel. I would have never thought, but that sort of thing happens when I take advantage of those moments of clarity and self confidence. 😊🙏🏽

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