Life is a Struggle

Our lives demands struggles and the struggles of life are never easy (be it little or mighty), they either MAKE or BREAK us, depending on how we handle them.

Every phase and every step is a struggle for bettering ourselves in one way or the other. (Photo© pixabay)

Struggle is a pathway leading to success. Our success/achievements won’t be valued if we don’t struggle for them.

Strength and growth comes only through continuously efforts and growth.

– Napoleon Hill

Struggling is obvious and inevitable to mankind, be it relationship struggles, family conflict, financial struggles, work related, or even health issues. Its a reality that all must face and overcome.

Our patience is highly necessary when facing challenges in our day to day living. The struggles of life lurks amidst the anguish of opportunity and caught upon us in moments of WEAKNESS.

Photo © pixabay

The Struggles of life is NOT ONLY about physical works, but its also about mental, emotional struggle as well.

Also, the inability for one to rationalize/prioritize life is the BIGGEST STRUGGLE for a person. And this only do not impact the individual who cannot rationalize life, but also defects the society.

Change which is a constant process in life is a struggle. Your dreams and the effort you put in achieving them are a struggle.

Thinking and planning about how you can meet up with life and your dreams/goals is a struggle.

Learning or obtaining knowledge is a never ending struggle, because learning never cease in life.

Tension, depression, anxiety, curiosity, heartbreak, health failure, etc… is all caused by struggles.

Be thankful for the hard times for they have made you.

Leonardo Dicaprio

So, whatever phase/step it takes us from dreaming to thinking, to planning, and the TENSIONS generated, resulting to either SWEETNESS or PAIN, down to the final result, is all an outcome of STRUGGLE.

But in all, struggle is with a purpose and our struggles will be worth it alas. Keep trying, keep pushing!

For every phase of life demands a different kind of struggle from mankind. Do NOT get DISCOURAGED or DISHEARTENED at the face of problems because every struggle you face in life is a STEP CLOSER towards bettering yourself in one way or the other.


© ojspride


25 thoughts on “Life is a Struggle

      1. I agree you… And those difficulties we face are what makes us who we are. And when you turn out to be successful in the chase, it makes us value our achievements so far.

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