Heart Broken by ‘the Daily Post’

via Daily Prompt: Broken

My REACTION when ‘the daily post announced their site folding.

Well, the daily post website managed to break my heart, and I believe other bloggers are pained by this recent development as well. I started blogging a few months ago and often times lacked inspiration, or too busy with work and couldn’t think of anything to write/blog about. But then I discovered the daily post – an inspirational site/bloggers community which has helped provide bloggers with daily writing challenges such as; the daily prompt, first Friday, photo challenges, etc. All which has helped inspire us and to help build our writing skill.

Though, my blog has struggled to grow over the time, and is still growing its community. And this amazing platform has helped me personally help my blog grow its little audience, and for that am grateful. It has helped me with post ideas and to interact with other fellow bloggers in the community pool of  the daily post. But unfortunately in less than the next 48hrs, ‘the daily post’ website has decided to draw close its cotton for reasons best known to them after 7years. And even with broken heart, I still need to appreciate the daily post and its amazing crew (Cheri Lucas Rowland, Ben Huberman, krista Stevens, etc) for their dedication and commitment in giving us such a wonderful platform.

To be honest, I have not always been consistent with the daily writing challenge because of my work stress and all, but I can boldly say that, it has been of great help. Through this platform (the daily post) I have learnt a lot, and I’ll continually put to practice what I’ve learnt so far. But am still hoping for a miracle that will make you guys rethink your decision though…Lol! But all the same, wish you guys the best of luck on your new adventure and thanks so much for the daily inspirational posts. It was great and you guys are amazing.

My dear readers and fellow bloggers am asking with a broken heart, if you have an idea of any other websites that offers the same platform to bloggers as that of ‘the daily post’, please point me in that direction using the comment session of this post. Thanks!




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