Do ‘You’ at Your Own Pace

When you let others rush your timeline, then you loose sight of what you’re chasing!

The moral of life is to do you at your own pace and not to be under the unnecessary influential pressure of others or our society. In life, there is no perfectionism, and we should never define ourselves by the mistake or struggles we face. Refuse to let those mistake define or control you. Don’t let people rush your timeline, time and chance happens to all….. therefore make good use of your time and existence.

Everyday of our life has something stacked up of what it thinks is important to us, and life has its own way of dragging us towards those things. But its left for us to actually know what really is important to us on a daily basis and work towards achieving them. Nobody is perfect and we ain’t build to know it all, that’s why learning is a continuous process. Don’t let people pressure you into things that you cannot handle. Go with life at your own pace, provided you’re satisfied with you results.

In the world we live in today, we face time with different sort of struggles unexpectedly. Often times, we bump into failure, which is not necessarily bad, but most times failure is a blessing in disguise. Challenges become unexpected blessings or lessons learned in life when viewed from the right perspective. These same challenges are what helps shape us for a better future. Our life’s journey steers at different direction, and at different pace. and so is our success stories. Own your life and do you! Yes, The world is moving so fast and am still telling to go with life at your own pace, because I trust that; ‘if you go at a pace of which you can’t control or handle, you’ll definitely loose sight of what you’re chasing after in life’.

Our lives is totally depended on faith, (what we aspire or hoped for the future). We live by faith (be it a Christian, Muslin, or Pagan) because, no one can predict the next minute outcome of life. All we can do is to be focused and be dedicated to what we hope for, and believe in. The outcome of challenges we face is either letting go of things not aligned with our future prospect or holding firmly to what we strongly believe in, faith.

Keep living by the Grace of witnessing every new dawn, and put your best into what you believe or what you’re passionate about in life. Being yourself is just the best gift one can give his/herself, its your uniqueness and originality. Learn to grow everyday in what you love and become the best version of yourself, because “the better person you become, the better person you’ll attract“. (Just like the of attraction law; like terms attract & opposite terms repel.) Outgrow negativity and procrastination, set to mind things hoped for, focus and dedicate your time to a course beneficial to humanity and its race, what gives you joy and make yourself proud of the man or woman you’ve become.

Well! I guess my entirety of this post is to; “live as exactly according to your own rules, let your life decisions be yours and not others, and best believe that you’ll have a more fulfilled and happier life.”


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