Nothing is Sufficient

cell full of life, but still deletes at some point.

via Daily Prompt: Deplete

Love is/was the key essence to marriage and relationships…. But often many times in our generation, the value of love, trust and honour, in homes are being depleted by cheating husbands.

Peace and Unity was a part of human existence as created by our maker (God)…. But often, greed,  envy and hatred for one another fuel us so ugh ting for evil ways to harm others, which has depleted the universe to zero tolerance.

For the quest of fame, wealth and material possessions, the human race often neglect their origin. But often times, we forget that whatever possession we acquire on earth, is depleted at some point.

Make great use of your memories, emotions, and life. Because a time may come when all will deplete.

I guess what am trying to say is; we humans shouldn’t place so much value to possessions, emotions, or memories, knowing fully well that; whatever it is we have now or what we may acquire tomorrow is never sufficient and will deplete with time, And Life itself depletes with time.


Thanks for reading
xoxoxo #ojspride



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