The Impatient Rusher

Today’s prompt word is “RUSH” on The Daily post. So am gonna try using words to see if they fit in or make any sense to my readers….. Please your commendation and criticism are highly welcome…..of course they’ll make me better on how to use words.

So here it goes;


Always in a rush, But the end game is ruckus. Only his mouth does the thinking or planning, NOT his brain.

Desires every thing on a platter of gold, very impatient, Doesn’t value of time, abuses hard work, and and always search for loop in others effort.

Life is NOT meant to be rushed, so flush out the rush in your timeline, and thrust away the Rushy plans.

But when rush sets into the heart, then endgame is probably square zero. For everything there is a stipulated time and season.

Too many things at a time? lacks focus, no particular vision, only adhere to the whispers of infatuation, NOT passion or goal driven….

Why? Because Rush is the Rusher  who is an enveloped rushy.



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