Think Investments, Stop Fighting Over Salary Increments


Life gives us choices, and the choices we make determines who we are, Our next phase of life and it’s journey. Am so grateful that God gave us the liberty to make our own choices in life. Make great plans for your future and think wisely on investments and NOT to fight over wages/salaries. Step forward, try politics, try farming, try business, try an extra thing. Don’t make the classroom to be your world but Make the world your classroom. 

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Getting Married For Love, Status Or Fame?

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Marriage is a blessing from God and it is every man or woman’s dream to get married to the right person whom will cherish, love, respect, and appreciate him or her no matter what lies shed of them. Marriage is the only institution that a man and woman will always go into and a certificate will first be given without them ever graduating from it….This we all know or this is how its suppose to be right?

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Ever Wonder About Your Dreams in Life?

Dreams/Ever wondering about your dreams
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This always bothers me a lot….so today am asking; Do you ever wonder about your dreams that are yet to be actualized?

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is on earth? Are you here just to live ordinarily and die when the time comes, without being recognized by your nation/continent, or without contributing positively to your society?

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