Today’s Quote

The greatest challenge is to discover who you are first, then accept and be happy with what you find. Learning to love yourself as you are, makes you feel ready to take the next step. Contentment is not the fulfillment of all that you want, but the realization of all that you already have. . … Continue reading Today’s Quote

Value the Marriage, Wedding is just for A Day

Marriage is a beautiful thing created by God. And it is a blessing to forever be cherished. But the magic is never in having elaborate weddings that becomes the talk of town or every magazine covers. The magic isn't in 'getting married' either, but in 'staying married'. Wedding and marriage are two different things; A … Continue reading Value the Marriage, Wedding is just for A Day

So Much Noise in the World πŸ’”

Day after day, the world is becoming more terrifying to live in. There is so much noise and chaos roaming the world of today. Unimaginable things happening around the globe. There's so much HATE that one cannot even begin to quantify. War, control, and contention for power looming everywhere. πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ The word "Safe" is slowly … Continue reading So Much Noise in the World πŸ’”