Your Self Control is Power

Our ability to be in total control of our thoughts, emotions and our entire being at all times is the ultimate expression of  power. Self control is made up of an impulse control, emotional control, and movement control. You can't control what LIFE THROWS at you, and you simply CAN'T HAVE CONTROL over others. Be it … Continue reading Your Self Control is Power


Thanking 100+ of ‘You’ For Being Awesome

Well, I finally climbed the first milestone of the long awaited 100+ followers. Thank you all for being awesome. Every 100+ of 'you' is unique and important to me as this blog is to me. Much love 💕✌. Well, I don't know about others, but for me, this journey has been an INTERESTING, TENSE, and … Continue reading Thanking 100+ of ‘You’ For Being Awesome

It Takes Two – ‘Relationships & Marriage’

Love is a beautiful feeling. Almost like a Cinderella fairytale kinda stories for some, because not everyone is favoured by it as mostly claimed. Falling in love is a journey unpredicted, and to be loved in return is something hoped for. Countless times in a relationship, the pairs will disagree or argue on certain issues. … Continue reading It Takes Two – ‘Relationships & Marriage’